My Poetry

Electric Chair

Grandpa, what's all this fuss about the electric chair?
Greatgrandmother has one and she likes her chair.

I heard that someone struggled when they put him in one
He fought and they had to strap him in.

Was he afraid to take the trip Grandpa?
Did they think he would try to get away?

Well granddaughter the two chairs that you speak of
Are not the same. . .not exactly the same. . .

That man may have done something wrong
And that is why they put him in that electric chair.

Your greatgrandmother did nothing wrong for her chair
She wanted the electric chair because it promised freedom.

Didn't his electric chair promise freedom Grandpa?
Yes granddaughter, his electric chair promised freedom.

Didn't he want freedom Grandpa? Didn't he?
Well, he acted like he didn't want freedom.

But we gave it to him anyway.

Will we ever have to strap Greatgrandmother in her chair?
Maybe, I have seen it done to old people in rest homes.

Won't she want her freedom then
- when we have to strap her in?

She may not know that she wants her freedom
But we will give her as much freedom as we can.

     William R. Eubank
     Raytown, Missouri
     July, 2000

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