My Poetry

And I was (Re)Connected!

I came back home in June of '95
to care for an elderly parent.

Moved into the basement
of our family home of forty years.

     And I was reconnected with my roots.
I started my PS/1 386, 66mhz
and plugged it into the phone line.

Suddenly, I was viewing the card catelog
in the Joe Herndon Library a mile away.

     And I was reconnected with my community.
A Beta tester for the Kansas City Star,
as they moved a paper to the Internet.

Customer Service and Sysop for
One Crossroads Place BBS of Independence.

     And I was reconnected with my region.
I accessed via Prodegy, StarNet and OCP
I viewed through Netscape, Mosaic, Spyglass.
I moved slowly at first,
2400 bps, 9600 bps and 14,400bps!

     And I was connected to my country and the world.
         William R. Eubank
         Raytown, Missouri
         August, 1999

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