My Eldercare Experience and Sources

William R. Eubank

This page is about eldercare. It has some information about my efforts at eldercare with my Mother and resources that I have found that relate to eldercare and seniors in general.

I am in the process of writing a series of articles about my experience in eldercare called Frontiers. This series first appeared in infoZine - Kansas City's Digital Monthly Magazine, in December of 1995. As part of my research for that series, I collected a number of links about eldercare. This page contains those links.

The Frontiers Series

FRONTIERS SERIES by William R. Eubank

The Scout

infoZine December 1995 - ". .NOT. . gainfully employed. ."

infoZine January 1996 - "Foundations"

infoZine February 1996 - "Letting Go - Care for Mother"

infoZine March 1996 - "Eldercare and the Modem"

infoZine April 1996 - "Volunteers on the Frontier"

infoZine May 1996 - "Preparing Myself for Home Care"

infoZine June 1996 - "One Year on Two Frontiers"

infoZine July 1996 - "Strands"

infoZine August 1996 - "Hogar Israelita Argentino Para Ancianos"

infoZine October 1996 - "The Lull Before The Storm"

Retirement planning is a complex and important endeavor. Our goal at New Retirement is to make retirement planning easier by making free, high quality tools available to everyone.

Here at, we are dedicated to patient safety and to informing consumers about potential dangers that may exist with their prescribed or over the counter pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Our Drug Information site ( will be constantly updated to provide current information about potential side effects, recalls and more. Although you may find the information currently on our site may or may not fit your particular niche, should information come to light relevant to that niche, it would be published there. Our information also includes avenues for potential recourse should the patient be adversely effected by the drugs.

Elder Care Links

General Senior Links

Publications Related to Age Enhanced Individuals

Grand Times

"Grand Times is the only weekly online magazine designed exclusively for active older adults. Learn how to set limits with spoiled grandkids...explore grand travel destinations...experience natural headache relief...sample healthful recipes from around the world..."

"Controversial, entertaining and informative, Grand Times celebrates life's opportunities and examines life's challenges. New articles are added every Tuesday."



"Kansas City's Digital Monthly Magazine - comes out monthly in four versions - WEB, NEOBOOK (PCs), MAC, and READROOM (plain text suitable for reading computers) - great for reading offline or on. Featuring news that you can use about the Information Highway, Business, Food, Cartoons and of course, the FRONTIERS series by William Eubank."





Caring Magazine and Archives

"Caring Magazine, the premier monthly magazine for home care service providers, is going on-line! Included on this page are links to CARING's Editorial Calendar for 1995 and 1996; a link to the current issue's table of contents and to the lead article in the current issue. Plans for the future include the full text of each article, and an archive of previous on-line editions of CARING."


Wiser Now

"If you've ever felt frustrated in caring for a person with Alzheimer's,
you'll be happy to know, you can be -- Wiser Now."

Caregiver's Support

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