My Poetry



In the final days of July
a terrible storm came up
and the Sunday evening
rocked with thunder and
flashed bolts of lightening.

The layman, tired of www
Unplugged his small net
and in the Sunday evening
turned his eyes to the big eye
and watched the Simpsons.

During this time, his eye was
smote by the lightening
and on that Sunday evening
the lightening etched his mind
and the house shook.

He ran out to view the roof
for he was sure of damage
sure that Sunday evening
the house had been struck
and there would be havoc.

The west face of the house
appeared to be unharmed
in the Sunday twilight
He ran back in and was
hit by smoke and ozone.

The basement was filling
with smoke and haze
What an end to Sunday!
His Mother used her feet
and 911 was called for help.

Police and Fire folk arrived
Checking for the flames
Sunday's God was with them
and there was no big fire
but there was destruction.


He took his cyber tools
To his friend the techie
And Techie layed his hands
within the cavities and
skillfully healed machines.

Or so it seemed. . .

Such power and fury
can leave unseen scars
One day the machine
seems to work fine
other days it faltered.

And the layman tried this
then he tried another thing,
throwing money at the scars
But nothing seemed to
work and problems appeared.

He layed his hands on
the machine time and again
Buying hard and soft wares
Installing, booting, reinstalling
rebooting ...booting ...booting.

And he cryed out WHY??
And he cursed aloud.
His credit cards cried
He smote himself both
physically and mentally.

Then he went online
Email flew - crying out
I am adicted, I need a whole
machine again, HELP ME!

     William R. Eubank
     Raytown, Missouri
     September, 2000

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