Where the Williwaw Blows
The Aleutian Islands -- World War II
Leonard Feinberg          Where the Williwaw Blows is based on Feinberg’s two-year stint (1944-45) as a naval officer on the island of Adak in the Aleutians. In this darkly humorous novel, Feinberg turns a sardonic eye on the foibles of military life while he memorializes the quiet heroism of some of the men who were stationed on one of the bleakest military outposts of World War II.

War Ration Book One

This is the cover for holding the ration book that was issued to my grandmother: Adelaide Jeter Dickson, 340 Wyondotte, Shreveport, Caddo, La.

Book One (below) was issued on May 5th, 1942 by Avis Hays Registrar for Local Board No. 18-19-20 in Caddo Parish La.


This first book was for sugar - and only three stamps remain.

Aleutian Index    Mess Hall

404th Staff    Dispensary

Living Quarters Adak    B-24s    U.S.O. Party

Recreation    Alert - Going Home    Map of Alaska

Ration Book 1   Ration Book 2   Ration Book 3

Ration Book 4    Ration Book Gasoline

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This item was stamped on the back and shows several purchases.

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