On Alert - Going Home
APO 986 - Shemya, Alaska 1943

"On Alert" A.P.O. 986 July '43
Waiting for the "Phantom fleet"
   Some of the Bomber Cmd Staff A.P.O. 986

? - mid-foreground killed in action over Paramushiru Sept 1943.

"Return of the Native"
U.S.S. "Henry Failing" from Aleutians
Sept. 1943
Wm R. Eubank Capt. M.C.

Sweating out the ship to return us to U.S.O. Country
Shemya Sept. 1943
Wm. R. Eubank Capt. M.C. 21st B.S.

Expecting a jap bombing attack which did not come.

"So proudly she waves" - Going home from Aleutians September '43

Going home after 1 year in Aleutians Sept. '43

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