Where the Williwaw Blows
The Aleutian Islands -- World War II

Leonard Feinberg

Announcing a new novel about Adak:

Where the Williwaw Blows by Leonard Feinberg, ISBN 0-9710609-8-3, $16.95.

Where the Williwaw Blows is based on Feinbergís two-year stint (1944-45) as a naval officer on the island of Adak in the Aleutians. In this darkly humorous novel, Feinberg turns a sardonic eye on the foibles of military life while he memorializes the quiet heroism of some of the men who were stationed on one of the bleakest military outposts of World War II.

Dr. Leonard Feinberg is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of English at Iowa State University. He taught courses in American literature, creative writing, and satire. Internationally respected as an authority on humor and satire, he is the author of a number of books including The Satirist, Introduction to Satire, Asian Laughter, The Secret of Humor, Hypocrisy: Donít Leave Home Without It, and The ET Visitorís Guide to the U. S. A.

Published by: Pilgrims' Process, Inc.

You can read about and order the book by going to the following site:


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