Peyton Adams Eubank
Born: 1/13/1856 d. 1916
Birth City:
Father: Achilles S. Eubank
Missionary - Africa 1882 - 1892
Laura Boardman Houchens
Born:           d. 1943
Birth City:

Peyton Adams Eubank

Earl Eubank - son of Peyton

Wedding Picture of Rev. Peyton Adams Eubank
and Laura Boardman Houchens, May 4, 1882     another picture that is much better

Memories of a Missionary Tour of Duty in Africa: 1882 - 1892
by Laura Boardman Houchens Eubank

August 2000 - Notes - WRE Jr.

Page 1 Dictation By L. H. Eubank

Page 2 But, to begin my story

Page 3 Sierra Leone

Page 4 On to Lagos

Page 5 Lagos Mission Station

Page 6 Abbeokuta Mission Station

Page 7 Our Boat That Sank

Page 8 We Arrive In Abbeokuta

Page 9 Our Home In Abbeokuta

Page 10 African Fever (Malaria)

Page 11 Return to Abbeokuta

Page 12 Our Regular Program

Page 13 The Condition of Our Mission

Page 14 Taking Native Children

Page 15 We took Up The Work

Page 16 People Often Visited Us

Page 17 Custom of Polygamy

Page 18 Old Converts

Page 19 Story Started 49 Years Ago

Page 20 African Gods

Page 21 A Trip to Ogbonoso

Page 22 Traveling To The Interior

Page 23 Our Troubles Begin

Page 24 Snakes and Babies

Page 25 We Arrive at Oyo

Page 26 African - English Money

Page 27 Other Missionaries

Page 28 Medical Needs

Page 29 The Story of Siji

Page 30 Our Second Furlough

Page 31 Going Back to America

Picture of Rev. and Mrs. Peyton Adams Eubank In Nigeria

1902 First Pastor of the Lamar, Colorado First Baptist Church

Earl Eubank at age 10

Obituary K. C. Star April 13, 1943