Adak, Alaska 1942-1943
"We Were There" Yearbook of the 404th Bomb Squad

This book is dedicated to the original members of the 404th bomb squadron combating in World War II.

(Yearbook pages courtesy of Jeffery Earl)

2nd Row - Lt. House, adjutant, Mr. Higgins, Lt. Borowski, Lt. Jackson, Lt. Taylor, Lt. Timm

1st Row - Lt. Mitchell, Lt. Lasher, Lt. Dixon, Captain Eubank, Lt. Moores, Lt. Muller, Lt. Twersky.

2nd Row - Sgt. Miller, Pfc Opoka, Pfc. Pogel, Cpl. Shall, Pvt, Lay, Cpl. Skrabis

1st Row - Captain Euban, Pvt. Hall, Pvt. McNulty

Father's Medical Squad Members

Father took many pictures during his stay in the Aleutians. He was careful to label them and to have them inspected by the Army Base Examiner so they could be sent back to the states.


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