Our pride & joy. . .

Adak, Alaska Spring 1943

Our pride & joy - 404th Disp - APO 980, Seattle Spring '43

(on the back)
(original picture size 3" w. x 3.25 h.")



According to Father, this was the first "flush" toilet on Adak. He certainly used to tell the story with a degree of pride. . . The materials came through the trade of some form of alcohol to some Navy Sergeant. Dad always said the way to get things done was through the sergeants. It was put together by him and his men at the 404th Dispensary.

It was an interesting story - and I thought of it through the years but really didn't understand until years later when it was pointed out to me how popular this "pride & joy" was with the nurses that were stationed on Adak. . .

A sense of humor - the picture of the bomber hung behind the fixture.

Father took many pictures during his stay in the Aleutians. He was careful to label them and to have them inspected by the Army Base Examiner so they could be sent back to the states.


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