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William Volker Elementary School February 2000

William R. Eubank

3600-3900 Wyoming Street, Kansas City, Missouri 1956 - 1957

From 1947 to December of 1957 our family lived at 3820 Wyoming Street in Kansas City, Missouri. Here is some information on William Volker Elementary School from 1956 - 1957.

5th Grade May 1956

This 5th Grade picture was taken in May of 1956. I remember some of the boys - David Bigalow (in the captains cap), Royal and Loyal Keading, John Mike Brennon, Mike Tullis, John Noltenmyer (in the ball players cap), Ronnie Manion, Gary Smith and George Day. Girls include: Judy M., Katherine Mitchel, Dixie, Mary Mortenyer (?).
Miss Sidney Jane Quick was the William Volker School 4th and 5th grade teacher - at least, at that time I had her for both grades. Later, as a teacher myself, I felt it was good policy to stay with a class for two years.

This picture was taken on a year end picnic trip.

Life on Wyoming Street
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