William R. Eubank


Web Superstars at COMDEX
Las Vegas, Nevada
review December 1997 infoZine

Internet World '97 Conference
Chicago, Ill
review August 1997 infoZine

"Preparing Myself for Home Care" Red Cross Home Care Class
review May 1996 infoZine

"Language Connect University On-line Spanish"
& "My Favorite Multimedia Inside CHINESE Language Lab"

review October 1996, InfoZine


The Read and Learn Series of Graded Readers by Andrew E. Bennett

Weather Basics by Joseph J. Balsama & Pete Chaston

Virtual Teams
Reaching Across Space, Time, And Organizations With Technology
Jessica Lipnack & Jeffrey Stamps
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
review November 1997 infoZine

Beyond the Hype: what every web marketer should know
by Charles Cook
review August 1997 infoZine

Customer Service on the Internet
Building Relationships, Increasing Loyalty, and Staying Competitive

by Jim Sterne
review December 1996 infoZine

Hurricanes! by Pete Chaston
review January 1997 infoZine

Jokes and Puns For Groan-ups
by Jim Moore & Pete Chaston
review December 1996 infoZine


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