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Book Review

William R. Eubank

by Pete Chaston
ISBN 0-9645172-2-1
185 pages

"HURRICANES!" is a new book that details the excitement, the danger and the history of this most dreaded storm. The book, by meteorologist Peter Chaston, details the life-cycle of tropical storms, hurricanes and typhoons around the world.

The history of the most devastating of these storms is chronicled from Columbus' time through today. Over one hundred photographs and graphics enhance this easy-to-understand text.

The evolution of the hurricane is explained in detail, from the bands of moisture feeding into the storm from warm tropical waters, to the fierce winds in the eye-wall, which is the most intense part of the storm that surrounds the hurricane's calm and clear "eye" ion the middle of the storm.

The book contains chapters on the violent winds, the torrential flash-flooding rains and the storm surge which inundates coastal communities as the hurricane ravages onshore.

Maps detail the tracks of hurricanes, and the naming of these storms is explained. The hurricane category scale of intensity is explained.

There are pictures of hurricanes from hurricane-hunter aircraft, from weather satellites, from weather radars and from survivors of these storms. Some rather spectacular stories are included from survivors of some of the worst hurricanes in recorded history.

The book may be purchased online from Yahoo.

The book is enthralling and is education while being intensely interesting.

costs $29 plus $3 for shipping
available from:
P.O. Box 758
phone: 816-628-4770
fax: 816-628-9975

Also by Pete Chaston:


Audio CD Description

"30-Year Reunion Sessions" is a concoction of crazy songs that have soiled the airwaves in Europe, the U.S.A. and on the Dr. Demento Show.

The CD song titles are:

"The Stanislaus Stomp"; "Um-Bop Waa Waa"; "Volvites"; "Dupa Dupa Toilet Bowl"; "Ubiquitous Sphee"; "The Airplane in the Well"; "We Burned the Christmas Tree"; "Walking with my Baba"; "Careful Herbert"; "Requiem for my Girl"; "When my Silverware Fell off the Roof"; "FUBAR"; & "Shower Rock Blues."

The CD is available for purchase at Amazon.com. Use the top-most link on this page and access our Amazon.com site where you can listen to audio samples of the songs. You'll also be in the right place to purchase a copy.

About the Artist

During the 1960's Pete Chaston and Walt Groditski got together on family holidays and locked themselves in small, stuffy rooms to create idiotic music using simple instruments and household appliances. Original versions of their music have had airplay on various national radio programs including the Dr. Demento show. Now, thirty years later, the two cousins have reunited and found a way to punch the world of music in the face and give it a black eye. This home studio effort is a testament to the imagination and insane musical ideas that have survived over the past three decades.

(The CD can also be ordered directly from our Wensislavian archives by sending a check or money order in the amount of $15 made out to Walt Groditski or Pete Chaston at one the addresses listed below - includes shipping & handling.)

Pete Chaston, P.O. Box 758 Kearney, MO 64060


Walt Groditski, P.O. Box 3847 San Rafael, CA 94912

Listen to the Pete Chaston Doo-Wop show every Saturday from 2 pm until sunset on
KCXL 1140 on the AM dial in Kansas City!
Most of what I play are from original 45 rpm records!

Updated 06-16-2001

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