My Eldercare Experience

William R. Eubank

This page is about eldercare. It has my public journal about my efforts at eldercare with my Mother. Mother has several medical complications that make it impossible for her to cook for herself or do house hold duties. She is still mobile (with a walker) but is using an oxygen condenser.

I am in the process of writing a series of articles about my experience in eldercare called Frontiers. This series first appeared in infoZine - Kansas City's Digital Monthly Magazine, in December of 1995.

The article from May 1996 appeared in modified form in Caregiving in August of that year.

As of June 1997, I will have been in this "position" for two years. I am a lot more relaxed about the process now - perhaps, that is why I haven't written as much lately.

Like Bob Hoffman, (Hoffmann Family Home Page), I turned to the computer to find information and as an outlet for my energy. I have done extensive work as a volunteer on the cyber frontier - with the Greater Kansas City Chapter of the American Red Cross, Santa Fe Railway Historical and Modeling Society and several other regional and national organizations.

My links related to elder care are on this computer as well as links to my other work.

The Frontiers Series

FRONTIERS SERIES by William R. Eubank




infoZine December 1995 - ". .NOT. . gainfully employed. ."

infoZine January 1996 - "Foundations"

infoZine February 1996 - "Letting Go - Care for Mother"

infoZine March 1996 - "Eldercare and the Modem"

infoZine April 1996 - "Volunteers on the Frontier"

infoZine May 1996 - "Preparing Myself for Home Care"

infoZine June 1996 - "One Year on Two Frontiers"

infoZine July 1996 - "Strands"

infoZine August 1996 - "Hogar Israelita Argentino Para Ancianos"

infoZine October 1996 - "The Lull Before The Storm"

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