L.W.P. Remodeling

Donald Edward Eubank
Kansas Remodeler - from foundation to finish.

807 N. Maple
Frankfort, Kansas 66427
PHONE 785-292-4914
FAX 785-292-5002

In general I plan to be available for construction and remodeling jobs in the Frankfort (north central Kansas) area from September 15th to April 15th of each year.

While I grew up in Alaska I worked commercial construction on apartments, commercial/business and residential units in Sand Point. In recent years I have done extensive remodeling of residential units in Junction City, Onega, Frankfort,. and in Raytown, Missouri.

Work involved includes: concrete walks, walls, foundations, and floors; roofs including metal and 3 tab composition; installing windows and doors (internal and external); insulation, sheet rock, painting, ceramic tile, cabinets and counter tops; siding, chain link fence.

My experience also includes work in electrical, plumbing and extensive copper pipe construction.

In the past I have worked for Designer Construction (mostly concrete labor) in Centralia, Ottawa, Topeka and Frankfort.

I have also operated heavy equipment in Alaska, Topeka, St. Marys, and Frankfort. Experience includes bobcat, front-end loader, forklift, Case loader, and 844 John Deere.

I will work in:
FRANKFORT, 66427; WESTMORELAND, 66426, 66549; VERMILLION, 66544; BLUE RAPIDS, 66411; HOME 66438; MARYSVILLE, 66508, 66555; BLAINE, 66549; FOSTORIA, 66426; VLIETS, 66544; CENTRALIA, 66415; BAILEYVILLE, 66404; BEATTIE, 66406; AXTELL, 66403; SENECA, 66538; CORNING, 66417; WHEATON, 66551; ONAGA, 66521; EMMETT, 66422; SAINT MARYS, 66536; LOUISVILLE, 66450; WATERVILLE, 66548; OKETO, 66518; SUMMERFIELD, 66541

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