Black Vermillion Trails

February 29, 2000

This is an uncommon day. This particular leap day only comes around once every 400 years. The weather was very mild for north-central Kansas - up in the 60° - also rare for this time of year.

A good day to ride the trails along the Black Vermillion River on three wheelers.

Randy Slifer, master mechanic, outfitter and guide takes some displaced Alaskans for a tour of the grounds.

Randy Slifer and Don Eubank prepare to leave.

Norman Brandal and Randy move out.

The green three wheeler is being towed. Some people are better off NOT driving heavy equipment and these fellows know it.

Randy was in the lead hauling the photographer (William Eubank) on the green tow vehicle. (My reputation as a Braille Method Bull Driver has preceded me!)

Norman was there to notify Randy when the photographer was bucked off or knocked down by a branch. . .

Trails crisscross all through the lowland surrounding the creeks and branches of the Black Vermillion River basin.

These trails have been pioneered over the last three years by Randy - Pam and family.

Don Eubank on the foundation of a "bridge" being
set up across a branch joining the river.

Norman, Randy and Don inspect a likely camping spot.

Another bridge maintained by Randy. The toll could be steep for the wrong party.

Randy relocks the toll gate.

"Come on Randy!
One of the areas down stream where the fall of the river picks up.
Heading back along a field road.
Don pulls up along side the photographer on a country road.

Thanks Randy! We had a great time!



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