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Learning A Foreign Language "Online"

"Participant of The World Wide Web Mirror Project"

by William R. Eubank

While checking out search engines - uh, you know - to see if they were picking up articles from infoZine . . . I found a link that took me to "InfoLink's Ondernemersdisk Online/Hotlink" where I found this information:

InfoZine is een Amerikaanse uitgever van interactieve brochures, nieuwsbrieven en e-magazines uit Kansas City. InfoZine's vlaggeschip is infoZine, "Kansas City's Premier Digital Monthly Magazine". InfoZine is een publiekstijdschrift, verkrijgbaar in vier digitale varianten: een downloadable 256 kleuren PC uitgave, een ReadRoom Text editie, een Mac uitgave een on-line World Wide Web editie.

Elke uitgave van InfoZine bevat nieuws en interessante informatie rond uiteenlopende thema's op het gebied van kunst, ondernemen, computers, het milieu, gezondheid, de Digitale Snelweg, opvoeding en politiek enz. InfoZine's "ZineNote" beschrijft iedere maand de thema's in het komende nummer van InfoZine.

Last month I made the point that it is possible to use your knowledge of computing to learn another language while on-line. Computereze in most languages is heavily sprinkled with English or corrupted English terms. The two paragraphs above are readable with your special knowledge of computer terms and your knowledge of infoZine - and we will assume that you have some interest in the language surrounding the computer terms - (that is, that you were specifically looking for this language and know what it is in the first place).

The Internet is rapidly filling with German, Spanish, French and other less commonly studied languages. If you have an interest in a foreign language the Internet is certainly a place to get some first hand, interactive practice. With a little effort you can find chat rooms, pen pals, newspapers, on-line dictionaries and audio sound clips (V.O.A. is a good site for this - http://www.ibb.gov/voahome/langlist.html ).

Here is a translation of the two paragraphs - can anyone tell me the language of the work above?? E-mail: wmeubank@yahoo.com

InfoZine is an American publisher of interactive brochures, newsletters and e-magazines in the Kansas City area. Infozine's flagship publication is infoZine, Kansas City's Premier Digital Monthly Magazine. It's a general interest e-magazine published by the fifth of each month in four editions: a 256 color PC Edition, the ReadRoom Text Edition, a Mac Edition and a World Wide Web Edition.

Each issue of infoZine contains news on such diverse items as arts & entertainment, business, computers, the environment, food, health, the Information Highway, parenting, politics and publications. InfoZine's "ZineNote" describes the items in the upcoming issue of InfoZine.

Next month we will take a look at several "On-line" language universities - where you can study Spanish, French or English - right from the comfort of your own computer at your own pace.

Copyright 1996 William R. Eubank

William R. Eubank has taught in Alaska, China, Hong Kong, Texas, Mexico and Argentina and has served on local and state school boards. He has contributed to "Caregiving" (a national newsletter for persons caring for an aging relative found at: http://www.caregiving.com/ ), "the Warbonnet" (a publication of the Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society found at http://www.ATSFRR.com), and is Webmaster at One Crossroads Place BBS and serves as Web Librarian for the Gibson Digital Library.

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