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Your Face On A Cake!!
William R. Eubank
December 1998

A Computer In The Bakery

Computers are popping up in the most unusual places these days.

A child is celebrating a special birthday, a coworker is trying not to celebrate the big 4 0 . . . parents are being honored at the silver - gold - diamond anniversary. . .

Take that favorite photo to your nearest bakery and have it scanned by the techno - baker, printed on a special edible paper with delicious tasting ink, and . . . put on a sheet cake. . . borders, greetings added by a skilled assistant . . .

Kaye Schlessman at Hy-Vee Gladstone and there you have it - a face on a cake!!!

KopyKake Comes To Kansas City

William R. Eubank has taught in Alaska, China, Hong Kong, Texas, Mexico, and Argentina and has served on local and state school boards. He has contributed to "Caregiving" (a national newsletter for persons caring for an aging relative), "The Warbonnet" (a publication of the Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society ), and is Webmaster for Consensus National Futures And Financial Weekly published in Kansas City.

Copyright 1998 William R. Eubank

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