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KopyKake™ Comes To Kansas City
William R. Eubank
December 1998

KopyKake™ of Torrance, California has introduced their KopyJet™ Printer into the Kansas City market within the last six weeks. It is not the kind of printer that most computer users are going to run right out and buy - but it is catching the attention of bakers in the area.

Tom Wehrle of A-1 United Bakers Supply Co. Inc., Kansas City, Missouri "Largest Selection of Cake Decorations and Ornaments in the Midwest" - has been selling the KopyJet™ Printer, edible paper and edible ink to bakers in the region.

This specialized printer combined with a scanner and computer produces "picture perfect" edible images that can be applied to a sheet cake.

Edible images on edible paper have been around for about 3 years. A product line by Luck's has been available from A-1 United Bakers with about 400 - 500 copyrighted images - Disney characters, etc.

Now a baker with the KopyJet™ can take YOUR favorite 3" X 5" snapshot or artwork, scan it into a computer, and then print the image with edible ink on the special edible paper that is then applied to a cake.

Tom reported that Dairy Queen as well as six local Hy-Vee Stores (Gladstone, Liberty, Blue Springs, Lee's Summit East, Overland Park #2, and Kansas City) now have the equipment in operation.

Norman Sandhorst, manager of the Gladstone Hy-Vee Bakery demonstrated the process for me last week - allowing me to pick a full color turkey image from a catalog of 125,000 stock images (ART EXPLOSION)- scanning it into the computer and then printing it on the KopyJet™. Within a few moments, the 1/4 sheet cake with full color turkey was ready to take home for a special party.

The process of adding your unique picture/art work to a cake will add about $5.00 to the cost of the cake. Norman suggested a 24 hour lead time for service - having a computer in the bakery may take some getting used to. . .

Your Face On A Cake!!

William R. Eubank has taught in Alaska, China, Hong Kong, Texas, Mexico, and Argentina and has served on local and state school boards. He has contributed to "Caregiving" (a national newsletter for persons caring for an aging relative), "The Warbonnet" (a publication of the Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society ), and is Webmaster for Consensus National Futures And Financial Weekly published in Kansas City.

Copyright 1998 William R. Eubank

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