"International Exchange Program for Teachers"

by William R. Eubank

Since 1992 Rotary International Clubs have sponsored teachers from school districts, colleges, and universities as teachers of English in Spanish, Portuguese and Russian language countries through the Rotary InterCountry Teacher Exchange program.

Teachers have been placed in over 50 different communities for four week sessions to teach practical English to speakers of other languages who would benefit from a working, knowledge of English.

During the exchange, teachers learn about the language, culture, customs, history, and geography of the host country. This international experience provides teachers with greater empathy for second language learners immersed in an alien culture. The exchange prepares teachers to better serve all intentional students in their own their own schools.

US Rotary Clubs pay round trip transportation and the host Club provides room, board and local transportation. Teachers do not need to speak the language of the host country but should have a strong interest in learning the language.

Information about the Rotary InterCountry Teacher Exchange may be found at http://www.RITE-Teacher.com (Rotary members may contact Conrad Heede at ccheede@aol.com Teachers may contact William Eubank at wmeubank@yahoo.com

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