Donald Ambrose Eubank
Born: July 22, 1949 On This Day
Birth City: Kansas City, Missouri
Father: Dr. Will R. Eubank MD
Mother: Adelaide D. Eubank
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Fishing in Alaska 2002 March 2, Donald A. Eubank

My friend and co-worker at the city Dan Barnhart cutting a hole for fish at Matanuska Lake Feb 24, 2002

Fishing March 2, With a Rainbow trout.

March 2, note the truck on the lake, the ice is over 3 feet thick, taller than the blue part of the ice auger.

All the fish caught were Rainbow Trout with the exception of one Coho, which is the second from the bottom right in the group picture of fish.

The following is from

(Oncorhynchus mykiss) Rainbow trout This trout is an olive-green color with heavy black spotting over the length of the body. The adult fish has a red-colored stripe along the lateral line, from the gills to the tail. Rainbow trout in lakes are usually lighter colored or a more silvery color than those in streams.

(Oncorhynchus kisutch) Coho or silver salmon, is the acrobat of the salmon family. which was the second from the bottom right in the catch picture. The silvers can strip line out of your fishing reel as they dance and jump when hooked.

Information on the lakes that we fish is found at:

At most of the lakes in Anchorage and Matanuska-Susitna we can catch 5 of each species. If we were lucky we could go home with fifteen fish each. We catch mostly Rainbow in summer and winter. Silvers are next except in the summer we catch lots of Arctic Grayling which are a smaller fish.

Pictures that the Fish and Game have are at: Alaska Fish pdf

Donald A Eubank Anchorage Alaska

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