Donald Ambrose Eubank
Born: July 22, 1949 On This Day
Birth City: Kansas City, Missouri
Father: Dr. Will R. Eubank MD
Mother: Adelaide D. Eubank
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2000 Fishing tails 1954 Visiting Whites in Salina
  1961 Camp Osceola Missouri
1976 Thanksgiving River Trip 1950 Donald and Bill
1967 Gentle River, Golden Day  
1956 Birthday July 22 3820 Wyoming 1949 Donald at 1 month
1955 Will R. Eubanks visit David Furman Eubank Xmas 1949 Shreveport Journal

Bill and Donald being pulled by Ty Cromer
3820 Wyoming, KC, MO.
Notice the tire swing hanging from the tree down by the front fense.



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