A picture of the Welsh word for "NO"!

Adelaide Eubank Currier is delighted by the Welsh Choir's visit.

Well over one thousand people gave a rousing standing ovation to the Black Mountain Male chorus of Wales after their presentation of a musical tour through Wales to the community of Grand Junction, Colorado on January 30, 2005.

And when the audience was asked how many people claimed Welsh heritage, about one quarter raised their hand; explaining why the audience loved the songs the choir sang in Welsh.

Llinos Daniel, the lovely and talented harpist, also touched the heartstrings of the audience with her beautifully played songs on the telyn and the sweet songs she rendered in English and Welsh.

Everyone was impressed by the musical talent of each member of the group, which is sponsored by Bryn Terfel, led by Clive Phillips, accompanied by Craig James and narrated by Lloyd Davies who said that he was glad he could understand and speak Welsh so he would know what God was saying to him when he goes to heaven!

He proceeded to give some small lessons of the heavenly language to his eager audience, first teaching everyone about the letter Ll.

Next he unfurled a banner with Llanfairpwllgwngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantyslliogogogoch written on it and asked: "Would you believe that is the Welsh word for no?"

Adding, "That's why we don't say no very often."

The crowd was delighted with that bit of humor and, of course, he then explained the meaning of the little Welsh village's long name.

The end of the concert was more contemporary in nature and included choreography along with the time tested tunes of Elvis Presley and Tom Jones.

Afterward the audience instantly stood in appreciation of the brilliant concert given by the group from the Black Mountains of Wales.

The encore, however brought smiles and tears to some of us as we heard the melodic promise, "We'll keep a welcome in the hillside. . . til you come home again to Wales."

The Black Mountain Male Chorus has made three tours to the United States; the current tour covering 5,656 miles visiting 27 towns and giving 28 concerts.

We wish to say a hearty and heart felt Diolch yn fawr to all the group and may God bless you all till we meet again.


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