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Grand Junction, Colorado

* Easter - May 15, 2001

Goblin Vally is a really awsome place!
Besides just looking at all the cool rock formations, you can climb over anything you want. There arn't any rangers or guards or anything like that to say "No" to you (unless of course it's your parents) It's fun to get on top or inside those rocks. If you're ever in the Utah-Colorado area, Check it out!
My imediate family owns at least 8 horses and are expecting a colt in August. I love horses and hope we can always own one.
Cattle drives arn't as fun or easy as you might think, but on the way down, we have cone-flower wars. They are plants with long stems and look like black cone- heads.

We pick them on our way by and throw them at each other. Thats what I'm in the process of doing while taking protection behind the horse Dusty.

Cousin Richard's boy Nathan Englund and Adelaide A. Currier

Nathan is a 4-year-old cutie who loves getting into things.

July 1998

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