Trip to the United Kingdom
Cor Meibior Pontypridd
June 16, 2001 - Pontypridd, Wales

St. Marys at Chard, Somerset, England

Pontypridd Male Choir, singing at St. Marys.

July 12, 2001
E-mail from Dave

Hi Adelaide,

Thank you for contacting our local paper about your trip with the choir, I have attached it for you to see.

Hope the visit was enjoyed by you?. How did the meeting with Maggie go?? Do you think we will be coming back there in 2003?. We hope so and in September we will be meeting with the lady from Salt Lake, Margaret Jones, so we are hoping she puts Grand Junction on schedule.

Have you or Maggie got in touch with her??

Ok thats all for now, best wishes fron old Pontypridd


(Dave [] Griffiths, a member of the Pontypridd Male Choir on the bus to Chard England.)

Jeanne Magor, Adelaide E. Currier, Denis Magor, Pontypridd, Wales

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