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Traci Lee Eubank

Born: February 21, 1986

A little about me: I have two sisters and one brother. I also have one step- sister and one step- brother. I have two dogs and two birds. My favorite colors are Purple and Blue. I play soccer, Volley ball, touch football, and basketball. I also run track. Some of my hobbies are: Writing, reading, singing, babysitting, and thinking. When I grow up and get big I want to be a Pedatrician or an Accountant.

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Left to Right: Traci, Michelle, Dad, Pepper in the Dimond Center outside of Borderline.

Spring of '99

Right to Left: Aunt Amy, Michelle, Traci, Pepper outside of Barnes and Noble book store.

Spring of '99

My mom Ginger Minneman- Eubank in front of the dorms at Ottawa University, '84 or '85
My step- dad Bruce Foster Jr.
Baby sister Maria Skye Foster at 7 months old.

This is like a sorta glamour shot that a friend took of me one long, long night.

Winter of '99


This is the boat (Cub Point) I was working on last summer . It belongs to Bruce Foster Jr. The people in the picture are: Bruce Jr. and Richie Holmberg.

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