"A Virtual Visit to ESL (WWW) Web Pages"
William R. Eubank

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April 1996 "A Virtual Visit to ESL (WWW) Web Pages",
TEXTESOL Spring Conference,
University of Texas at Arlington * Arlington, Texas

TEXTESOL Conference Project Page

  • Elementary, secondary and higher education Bilingual/ESL teachers will "visit" selected current ESL Pages found on the World Wide Web.
  • These pages are reproductions of current personal and institutional pages now on display. It is quite possible to visit reproductions of these sites without actually being connected by modem to the Internet.
  • Educators will have an opportunity to view dozens of "home - pages" and resource sites. See how ESL educators the world over are using the World Wide Web to display projects and provide resources for colleagues.
  • This presentation will include a demonstration using an IBM computer that has multi page ESL sites contained on the hard disk. The participants will use the i-view browser to "surf" from site to site on this self contained section of the World Wide Web.
  • Format includes hands on demonstration, question and answers, and handouts - in the form of a disk that contains 109 htm files and 180 gif files.

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