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Flat Creek, Barry and Stone, Missouri

Trip #16
Date: March 31, Apri 1 - 2 1961
Start: Jenkins
Finish: Cato Ford
Miles: 6
With: Hedges
I was between 12 and 19 years of age when these trips took place. I was rather fixated on arrowheads and Indian lore at that time - as indicated by the notes. I am working from 3" x 5" note cards that I typed at that time. In my memory now, many of these trips are blurred together. Several of the trips were not technically O.W.W.C. trips - Hedges vacation (although Harold was the President of O.W.W.C. for many years) - also, as I got up in age to 17-19, some of the trips were with my high school friends.

Arrowheads / scrapers / "bird points" / drills displayed were not necessarily found on the trip listed. I have tried to make them as close to the actual size as possible. They were found in plowed fields, washouts, along the river or creek bed, or in roads or trails. I did have a system of labeling them at the time - where a bit of masking tape was coded to match the 3" x 5" card listing the trip. Unfortunately, most of those labels have faded making it difficult to match up.

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