March 11, 2001

William went to bed at 3 am - Mike at 4 am - after Mike got DSL on 3 of 4 of the computers.

Donnie E. Eubank called at 7am to bring his Dad up to date on construction.

William prepared a traditional breakfast of scrambled eggs.

Mauri and Adelaide visit after breakfast. Mauri records some of the stories on tape.
Mauri in the "Summer Office"
Mauri catching up on her Hotmail e-mail account at the downstairs "summer office" 9:00 am

<-- Getting instructions from Hank on the operation of the digital camera.

Hank: "Who is this anyway?"

Mauri in corner bedroom.

Sunday morning - putting on shoes so she can go downstairs to view the gameroom.

She has put on a necklace given to her by Aunt Adelaide. The necklace had belonged to Grandmother Dickson.
Mauri in the "Gameroom"
Mauri looking at the nurse doll that belonged to her Mother Keth.
Baby bed that hosted eight generations of Donalds.
A little "war memorial" to Uncle Will.
In the living room
Mauri and Aunt Adelaide talking about items in the living room. Many of the items came down through the Dickson family.

March 10, 2001