Tsunami Warning

Earthquake Generates Tsunami Warning!!

Shortly before midnight on Thursday, Feb. 27, the Sand Point Police Department received a call from the Coast Guard in Kodiak. The call was to inform the city of Sand Point that a tsunami warning had been issued by the Alaska Tsunami Warning Center in Palmer. An earthquake, centered 60 miles southwest of Unalaska, measuring 6.9 - 7.0 on the Richter scale, could possibly generate a tsunami, and everyone should prepare to evacuate. Should a tsunami have been generated, it would reach Sand Point at 1:17 a.m.

Chief Alexander, of the Sand Point Police Department, made his first move by contacting police officers, Emergency Medical Services, and the local volunteer fire department. They were instructed to evacuate all willing parties to the school by l:00 a.m. The last people to evacuate arrived at 1:03 a.m. At 1:12 an " All Clear" announcement was given, and the people returned home.

You may wonder why this waiting period was so short compared to the evacuation of last summers? Chief Alexander informed us last summer a wave was generated by the earthquake, where as, no wave was generated this time. Also the distance of the last summer's quake was much further away which would take it a longer time to reach Sand Point. That does not mean that the next time will be the same! Be prepared for an actual wave during every warning.

Chief Alexander would like to thank everyone that volunteered their help in evacuation procedures: Steve Hakala Jr., Ruel Holmberg Jr., the volunteer fire dept., local EMS, the clinic staff, city personnel, Village Green for the communication post, Sand Point school staff and personnel, the phone company for switching the lines, the power company for leaving the power on even though it could have caused substantial damage to their equipment, the police officers and the community for its cooperation, and anyone else he may have forgotten. Because of the help from these people the evacuation procedures went very smoothly.

There are, however, a few things that the general public can do to improve the procedure. Be prepared to cooperate. Do not wait until you can actually see the wave, it is then too late. Please evacuate as soon as you possibly can. It is for your own safety as well as your families'.

The police department asks that no one leaves the safe area after an evacuation until the official "All Clear" is given. Remember, a tsunami is not a single wave, but a series of waves. The second wave is the most dangerous because it is unexpected and carries debris in with it Please remember this and stay until the" All Clear" is issued. If there were no sign of danger, a warning would not have been issued. If we do not evacuate with alcohol, there will be fewer conflicts and more cooperation from everyone involved. After all it is illegal to have alcohol on the school grounds. Also, someone has to clean up after the "All Clear" is given. There were a lot of cigarettes and garbage left around the school grounds this time. Please clean up after yourself. Remember, you may have to live there for awhile in the event of an actual tsunami.

Again, Chief Alexander and the Sand Point Police Department thank you for your cooperation in such a stressful time. If you would like to volunteer your services in the future, or make suggestions or comments, or complaints, or even just to ask questions, contact Chief Alexander at 383-3700.

The following associated businesses located in Sand Point would like to welcome you to our area and would solicit your business.

Open 7am to 11pm, seven days a week
for your grocery shopping needs.
Will deliver to any dock in town.
Call (907) 383-5263 We stand by VHF 6

7 days a week
Connecting same day service to and from:
Seattle, Anchorage, Soldotna, Port Moller, Sand Point, King Cove,
Cold Bay, False Pass, Dutch Harbor and Unalaska.
Serving: Boat Crews, Cargo, Breakdown Parts, and Medivac Flights.
CONTACT -. Hazel (907) 383-3242 Ch. 6 VHF
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Sand Point School Board
March 2, 1987
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Members present: Margaret Eubank, Noel Hemenover, Susie Osterback, Janet Ludvick.

The reading of the minutes, agenda, and treasurer's report were accepted and approved.

Old business:

Noel Hemenover attended the Borough Meeting in Anchorage and reported to the board that the formation of a borough was a real possibility whether the local communities formed one on their own or whether the legislator in Juneau indiscriminately did it for us. It was suggested that a fair amount of control of the local schools could remain in its own community if they formed their own borough rather than accept a mandate from Juneau.

The Survey Report that was mailed out to community residents received approximately 20% return. Noel indicated that is a good return rate compared to returns that other communities receive when sending out surveys. The tally was only partial as Noel didn't receive all the surveys from Delores Stokes before her quick trip to Anchorage. A majority of the responses indicated in favor of salary and travel cuts for teachers, superintendents and school board members but not to decrease the extracurricular activities and a variety of classes. Other positive responses indicated a willingness for the city to help with the pool costs, reorganization of school year and an increase of the city contribution by sales tax or earmarking a percentage of sales tax. Of 17 responses in favor of use of volunteer in the school programs 12 indicated they would be willing to volunteer.

After a short executive session, the Superintendent's Contract was approved for another two year period at current levels.

New Business:

The current auditors will be retained for FY 87/88.

The extra Curricular contracts for the Volleyball Coach and Wrestling Coach were approved.

A request for In-Service Days, by Ms Boario, for the Writing to Read Program, using the IBM and presented by an IBM representative was granted. This would involve the elementary grades and the teachers. The board approved to open negotiations with the unions, basically to be prepared for any new budget surprises that may occur .

Other approvals were: to begin a budget workshop on March 22, to start looking at the FY 87/88 calendar, and to allow the board president to attend the President's Fly-In.

Reports presented to the board and the attending public were: 'Close-up' presented by the students who flew to Juneau, and the Superintendents Report. The Superintendent stated that the Governor's Bill, anew . foundation bill, forces the communities to pick up a larger portion of the education cost, the school is doing a self study on applying for accreditation, and to "Look at the Kitchen!" See 'Look at the Kitchen' elsewhere in this paper.

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