Donald Ambrose Eubank
Born: July 22, 1949 On This Day
Birth City: Kansas City, Missouri
Father: Dr. Will R. Eubank MD
Mother: Adelaide D. Eubank
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Birth City:

July 4th, 2000

“All Aboard!” A century ago, that command meant “Gold Rush!” to the prospectors who rode the rails over the White Pass and into the wilds of the Klondike. Hauling gear over the rugged pass was a grueling ordeal before the narrow gauge railroad was built.

No backpack could hold the 1,000 pounds of supplies the authorities required each miner to have! U.S. mints in Seattle and San Francisco received $10 million worth of Klondike gold in just five months (July-November 1898), with another $38 million recorded by 1900, an impressive figure by 1900 prices!

Today, the White Pass Railroad shuttles adventurers from the terminus of Alaska’s Marine Highway into the rugged wilderness of the Last Frontier.


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April 23, 2000