Aleutian Letter

by Dr. Will R. Eubank MD

October 6, 1942
404th Bomb Sqdn.
APO 942 % Postmaster
Seattle, Wash.

Dearest Mother & Father:

Surely hope you haven't worried if you haven't heard from me lately. Believe I mentioned that there are times & places that mail service is not so good.

Suppose I might mention that I'm away from my first location at present getting an idea about the medical setup in this particular place. It is quite a change from the other place . We live in tents scattered around, stand in line for chow, etc. However, I have an army cot, with rubber air mattress & fancy warm sleeping bag. I've been sleeping well. The food is good & plentiful too. '

Wish you could see the happy domestic scene here. I'm writing by light of a candle which is mounted on the end of a stake, with a tin can improvised as a reflector. The other fellows are sitting around on their bunks reading or writing. We learn to get by without many things here, though we have all the essentials. Our clothing & equipment are OK. One of the fellows has a radio which gets the west coast short wave stations OK.

Did I tell you that my radio has been doing fine? Reception is not consistent, but I've gotten New York, San Francisco, London, Berlin, Tokyo, & Moscow. Not bad, eh?

We have a swell bunch of fliers in the squadron. I'm Just getting to know them a little better.


Well, it finally came thru after so long a time. You can now address me as Captain Eubank. I was notified by radiogram today. Notify the papers(!!) & spread the news around. In another couple of years I may be a major.

That's about all the news for now. This candle light is none too good. Should get back to my other place tomorrow & probably will find some letters to answer.

Hope that you're all doing OK. My dearest love to each.

x x x x Will


I'm back at my starting point but have lots of work so will hurry. W.

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