Aleutian Letter
April 7, 1943

by Dr. Will R. Eubank MD

404th Bomb Sqdn (H)
APO 980, Seattle, Wash.
March 7, 1943

Dear Furman:

Received Father's letter of March 4 with enclosed conglomerate, which I read with interest -- I liked your sermonette. Father should use new envelopes as that one had all but disintegrated.

Thought you would be interested in the enclosed clippings. Been wondering if you had made a definite decision yet.

Tonight I took some indoor pictures which I hope will turn out OK. If so, will send a few.

Yesterday was given a new building for a 404th Dispensary. Believe we can make something really nice out of it. Today have been busy promoting some lumber etc. for it. (Ask Uncle Cliff how you "promote" in the army.)

A successful promotion
Schall, Eubank, Lay, S??, Moffett

There is quite a stiff wind blowing outside, which makes it feel cozy in here..

My love to each & all. Drop a line,

Your big (?) buddy


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