Herman H. Simmons
World War II in the Aleutians
Army 7th Division, Ordinance Department

Alaska Command Shoulder patch

On August 5, 2008 DayleAnn Koch sent five additional pictures of her Grandfather.

(1st email - February 11, 2007)

Dear Mr. Eubank,

I have visited your site looking for more information about the campaign. My Grandfather, Herman H. Simmons was in the Army 7th Div. Ordnance Dept. I have attached some photos I have when he was there. If you can tell me anything about the him, area or other soldiers in the photos it would mean a great deal to me.

If not, if you know of anyone that might be able to help I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you & God bless!!!

DayleAnn Koch

Note, if anyone has any information, please write to the webmaster and I will send it on to DayleAnn Koch.

Herman H. Simmons Aleutians 1944

Granddad wrote on the back of this photo

when he sent it to Grammy asking her:

"Does this look like me humm. . ."

and she wrote on the back of the photo: "YES."

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