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William R. Eubank

Jokes and Puns For Groan-ups
by Jim Moore and Pete Chaston
Chaston Scientific, Inc.
Kearney, Missouri 64060
74 pp., $15.00

As a preteen I remember being introduced to the world of "puns" while on canoeing trips with Herold and & Margaret Hedges of Lake Quivera and the Ozark Wilderness Waterways Club. We made our weekly driving trips to the wild and scenic rivers of Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas, and along the way we would wile away the hours in making single, double and triple meaning puns on every subject possible. It was great fun and a cheap way to entertain in the pre video game society.

I don't remember most of those puns - they are the kind of joke that lives mostly in the moment, with friends of a similar mind set. A recent book sent to me by Pete Chaston brought back a flood of memories.

James T. Moore and Peter R. Chaston, two professional meteorologists from Missouri have collected 25 years worth of their classroom and forecasting jokes and puns for your reading pleasure. Both are well-known in weatherdom, in technical publications, in the classroom and on radio weather shows.

My guess is that if you are a weather forecaster, you must have a sense of humor - out of self protection - since Mother Nature seems to have so many surprises. The natural order of things more or less dictates that when you get fooled, tricked or surprised it is time to pass it on. These fellows have - have you noticed how strange the weather has been lately?.

The book is divided into eight sections - none of which are specifically focused on weather (strange) - and all of which might be told in mixed company - with children around.

A great Christmas stocking stuffer that is produced right here in the Kansas City area.

"There's a lot of apathy around here, but who cares?"

The book may be ordered through Pete Chaston: Chaston111@aol.com or at Chaston Scientific, Inc., P.O. Box 758 Kearney, Missouri 64060, (A town so small, they only have a town triangle.) phone: 816-628-4770 Fax 816-628-9975.

After working on this computer for the last year, I have joined the new organization "DAM", - "Mothers Against Dyslexia."

Copyright 1996 William Eubank

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