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Book Review

William R. Eubank

by Joseph J. Balsama and Peter R. Chaston
ISBN 0-9645172-5-6
384 pages

"WEATHER BASICS" begins with an overview of weather and climates, and then discusses the fundamentals that drive our weather: the role of the sun, radiation and the composition of Earth's atmosphere. Then takes a look at the topics of temperature, atmospheric preasure and moisture in detail.

It covers clouds, percipitation and the hydrologic cycle, before moving on to explain the wind, general circulation of the atmosphere and the jet-stream.

Key weather features are explored, namely, air masses, fronts, and high / low pressure systems. The discussion is enhanced by detailed examination of key dynamical factors in meteorology: convergence, divergence and vorticity and how these factors relate to vertical motion of air.

Storms are discussed in detail, including winter storms, thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes and typhoons, floods and flash floods, dust storms and sandstorms.

Surface and upper-air weather maps and weather symbols are presented, along with detailed descriptions of weather radar and weather satelite imagery.

Finally, this book discuses world climate and the causes of climatic change, followed by a discussion of the role of oceans and other large water bodies on our weather and climate. El Nino, tides and tsunamis are then covered, followed by chapters on optical phenomena and other weather-related phenomena.

"WEATHER BASICS" by Joseph Balsama and Peter Chaston also contains over 50 demonstrations (experiments) you can do yourself, and has hundreds of figures and photos to enhance the text. This is an excellent book for anyone interested in weather.

Cost: $34 (postage & handling are included)
Missouri residents add $1.73 sales tax per book

available from:
P.O. Box 758
phone: 816-628-4770
fax: 816-628-9975

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