Donald A. Eubank BBA-MIS - Retired

Municipality of Anchorage, Information and Technology Department - provided desktop support for 250 PCs and 53 printers and scanners for Health and Human services programs. . I purchased and installed desktop PCs and notebooks, installing OS and applications using Altiris Deployment Solution software. Altiris HelpDesk Solution is used to log user and PC problems. Jobs were assigned to me and I worked with users, determined the problem , help the user or repaired or replacement the PC. I solved local network connection problems or arranged for repair.

First National Bank of Anchorage - provided desktop and software support at main office and branch banks as Information Systems Technician I as assigned to me by a supervisor.

Alaska Commercial Company - part time IS team member. Received new point of sales (POS) systems, assembled, configuring and tested systems for rural stores. Assemble systems with PCs with tape backup, modems, laser printer, and operating system. Assemble POS PC with Digi communication to registers, terminals, modems, and printers. Install and test Pick operating system for POS.  

UAA School of Business and Computing & Technology Service - worked part time as a computer lab consultant assisting students and faculty with PC and software problems in the School of Business Computer Labs campus open labs. Help maintain software in labs and minor repairs to computers, network, and printers.  

Maintenance Director Aleutian East borough school district, Maintenance Director for six school sites. Developed and organize maintenance, construction and repairs for school sites. Set up a Macintosh computer networking system between the schools and the central administrative office (WAN & LAN). Responsible repairs and personal PC support at Sand Point school and administrative office. State school bus instructor and asbestos manager/planner for the district. Instillation and maintenance of Jacobs Windmill system.

DAE Service Installation and repair of office equipment and computer equipment. Set up offices with computer equipment and software. Solved client problems encountered. Organized and installed networking software and equipment in several organizations. General construction and maintenance. Owner/Editor of The Pavlof News.

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