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Donald A Eubank


Marais des Cygnes River, Kansas

Start: Dam
Finish: Hwy 68
Miles: 9
With: Cheryl Hentsch and Zeke Wigglesworth

Marais des Cygnes River, Kansas near Ottawa Kansas is part of the headwaters of the Osage River in Missouri. O' Conner was the leader.

The trip was written up in the Ottawa Herald Tuesday May 9, 1967 by Cheryl Hentsch with pictures by Zeke Wigglesworth. I believe I canoed with Cheryl and Zeka, at least he was in my canoe to take one picture of me. The picture to the left is Donald Eubank by Zeke

The trip started west of Ottawa at shanty town and we floated to the bridge at Ottawa.

Partly cloudy and in the 70's.


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